Charcoal and wood fuel are a key energy source in Kenya, providing energy for over 80% of its population. Due to its ever growing demand, production of charcoal has led to massive destruction of our forests, leaving less than 2% of Kenya in forest cover. Moreover, the ripple effect of depleting forests has been felt in the charcoal market. Severe shortage of trees has caused massive rise in the charcoal prices, with a 50 kg bag now retailing in urban areas for up to 20$.

We are a team of young, dynamic and flexible designers and engineers. We love new ideas, working with communities and creating solutions for developing countries. Located in the heart of Nairobi, we are focused on innovation, production and distribution of safe and smokeless charcoal made from collected and recycled urban waste. Founded in late 2014, we sought out to help to solve the ensuing energy crisis in Kenya. Our clean and green charcoal is cheaper, longer lasting and more efficient than traditional firewood and charcoal. We work with several local communities and trade merchants located in towns and rural areas to clean up the city by collecting and recycling different kinds of waste and transforming it into a high performance cooking and heating fuel.

At Bright Green Renewable Energy, we work tirelessly to make our impact felt. Above the direct economic, social and health benefits to our immediate customers, recycling of urban waste helps to cleaning up and care for our environment, it creating jobs, and it gives us several opportunities to educate our communities.