A Good Life

starts with a good meal

Woodfuel users face tremendous challenges. Cost and quality are the leading pains. Through BrightGreen’s innovative process and rigorous quality measures, we create the best quality fuels and distribute them at competitive market prices.

Why MOTO? Giving you control.

Save Money

Cheaper prices reduce cooking fuel costs by half.

Better Value

High Energy and Long-Burning properties provides more cooking energy for you.


Designed to produce no sparks or flares that often cause burns and accidents.


Partially burned bricks can be extinguished and re-ignited for later use. Every brick goes to good use.

We can serve any kitchen

We will come to you. We can serve any kitchen using woodfuels.

Household Kitchens

Hospital Kitchens

School Kitchens

Church Kitchens

We are using technology to reduce the price of cooking fuel in Africa.